Two More Steps Forward

Today is a good day.
For the first time ever, an English teacher used Compelling Conversations for English Language Learners in Vietnam in an EFL/ESL classroom. Emily, a close friend and fine teacher, used the modified “going beyond hello” chapter with advanced English students with considerable success. Consider me pleased.
Second, I had a chance to actually review a physical copy of the latest edits – including the inclusion of many local photographs. Although the images are rather small, they do make a big difference.
On the other hand, editing with a less than perfectly fluent staff also lead to some additional editing work, especially on the three new chapters for Vietnam. So I’ll do another round of edits – and add more proverbs and quotes from Vietnamese writers and poets. Doing it right is more important than just finishing it. Hopefully, the conversation textbook will help students learn to ask more and better questions in English – and allow students to reflect on their experiences and ambitions in a rapidly changing Vietnam.

The addition of an index of authors quoted with nationality, profession, and birth/death dates should also help English teacher and tutors here. But every part has taken far longer than expected.

Still, patience remains a virtue. Step by step, we climb the mountain!

Ask more. Know more. Share more.
Create Compelling Conversations.
As always, writing means rewriting.

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  1. Am enjoying your successes, trials and tribulations, Eric. Thanks for sharing your journey.


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