Compelling Conversations – Japan:

 Questions and Quotations for High-Intermediate Japanese  English Language Learners


Compelling Conversations - Japan

ISBN-13: 978-0-9847985-7-5
eISBN: 978-0-9847985-8-2

Based on our original and highly successful English as a Second Language (ESL) textbook, Compelling Conversations, this new title is geared specifically toward Japanese English language learners with culturally relevant touchstones and exercises. Compelling Conversations Japan was developed to help fill the gap between technical ability and the artistic skill of conversation. Each themeatic chapter develops a wide variety of skills that allow speakers to build a better understanding of how to expand their conversational prowess at the same time they refine their fluency. The prompts and activities that are designed to build these speaking skills allow you to learn to give persuasive answers, ask engaging questions, and create compelling conversations in English!

Designed with Japanese Learners in mind

  • Fluency focused
  • Tackles specific pronunciation
    challenges for Japanese English language learners
  • 12 Thematic Chapters covering a wide
    variety of modern and timeless
    conversation topics:

    1. Getting the Conversation Started
    2. Going Beyond Hello
    3. Home Sweet Home
    4. Eating and Drinking (Click for a sample chapter!)
    5. Exploring Daily Habits
    6. Being Yourself
    7. Making and Keeping Friends
    8. Sharing Pet Peeves
    9. Taking Photographs
    10. Talking about Movies
    11. Learning in School (Click for a sample chapter!)
    12. Exploring Cities (Click for a sample chapter!)
  • Fosters deep conversation skills
  • Expands academic and social vocabulary
  • Over 120 quotes (10 per chapter) and 60+ proverbs designed to improve critical thinking
  • Contains several Search & Shares to provide more interactive learning
  • Makes teaching conversation easy!

Publication Date: September 1, 2015
ISBN-13: 978-0-9847985-7-5
eISBN: 978-0-9847985-8-2
Authors: Eric Roth, Shiggy Ichinomiya, and Brent Warner

  Compelling Conversations – Japan is now available on Amazon.

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