Teresa Xuan Nguyen

Teresa X. Nguyen, M.A. in Linguistics, B.A. in English Literature, brings considerable experience her classrooms, material writing, and YouTube education projects. Compelling Conversations – Vietnam: Speaking Exercises for Vietnamese Learners of English reflects her ten years of teaching English to Vietnamese learners, both abroad in Southeast Asia and locally in southern California.

Nguyen’s thirst to sharpen her teaching skills, has led her to seize many opportunities to teach a wide variety of English language learners. Nguyen has taught English language learners in China (2008), Vietnam (2010), and the United States from over 25 countries. She has also taught English learners from elementary school to graduate students. The experiential basis for this communicative ESL textbook is her own struggles and successes as an international student studying abroad in Korea (2006), Spain (2007), and China (2008).

An active member of several professional teaching organizations, Nguyen has also presented at several English teacher conferences, including TESOL international conferences in Seattle, Washington (2017), Baltimore, Maryland (2016) & Toronto, Canada (2015); CATESOL conferences in Anaheim, California (2015) & Santa Clara, California (2014); and at TESOL club events (2014, 2015). Her presentations focus on the optimal use of EdTech and accessible pedagogy. However, Nguyen’s most rewarding career experience – so far – has been supervising and training TESOL graduate students as a Master teacher (2013-2016).

Compelling Conversations – Vietnam: Speaking Exercises for Vietnamese Learners of English is her first book. Unlike other EFL books limited to Vietnamese living in Vietnam, this book includes Quizlet and Kahoot! in each chapter to provide additional opportunities for students to become more autonomous, effective learners. Nguyen is currently working on two more books for English language learners.

This positive experience as an ESL material writer helped her to turn another dream into reality. In November 2016, she started a bilingual (English-Vietnamese) YouTube channel, ESL Garage, to teach English to those that don’t have the resource or time for formal English language learning. The intention is to create low risk, high return positive language experiences via creative EdTech curriculum materials. The ESL channel aims to to not only help many groups of American refugees and other Americans by choice, but English Language Learners across the globe. Lessons – sometimes all in English and sometimes in both English and Vietnamese – include tips to improve speaking skills, academic vocabulary, and clear pronunciation. By using the Academic Word List and offering language tips, the series also hopes to help viewers taking standardized exams such as the TOEFL and IELTS. Viewers can follow Nguyen’s expanding collection of YouTube videos by subscribing to ESL Garage.


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