Creating Compelling Conversations

Search and Share Cover

ISBN: 978-1-7326070-0-2

Reproducible Search and Share Activities for English Teachers

Boasting a wide array of topical assignments, Creating Compelling Conversations features more than 80 standalone worksheets and communicative activities. Organized into eight thematic sections, all activities are reproducible and address a broad range of topics in both daily and academic life. Each Search and Share asks students to individually research a given topic and reflect on their chosen content with peers. Students then take turns presenting their findings, encouraging their classmates to ask questions and discuss the materials.

While designed primarily for intermediate and advanced English language learners, this flexible activity book remains adaptable to a variety of English classes. Through Search and Share assignments, students are encouraged to discuss their personal interests with classmates in a safe, focused manner. As a result, each English class leads to different discussions and stays current, allowing learners to take ownership of their expanding language skills in an appealing communicative style. class and in English. Knowing English should include the ability to speak English.

Creating Compelling Conversations – Reproducible Search and Share Activities for English Teachers includes:

  • Provides self-contained and reproducible supplemental material
  • Diverse, flexible content remains adaptable to a variety of lesson plans
  • Helps students develop research skills
  • Asks reflective questions that sparks memorable discussions
  • Encourages students to take a more active role in their class discussions

This extensive collection of reproducible Search and Share lessons encourages curiosity, deepens research skills, expands vocabulary, and sparks group discussions. What will your students choose? What will they share? Let’s find out!

Publication Date: July 18, 2019
ISBN: 978-1-7326070-0-2
Authors: Eric Roth, Teresa X. Nguyen

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Hedging Language: Poetry vs. Accuracy

  Creating Compelling Conversations: Reproducible Search and Share Activities for English Teachers is now available on Amazon.

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Creating Compelling Conversations: Reproducible Search and Share Activities for English Teachers can generate all sorts of discussions! What are people saying?


“[Search and Share] combines wide-ranging, outside-the-classroom research activities (Search) – in which students are sent to the Internet or sent outside to explore their community and to engage with native English speakers – with in-class activities (Share) where the students share and discuss the results of their research. The questions asked are both information-based and open-ended, providing ample opportunity for challenging and meaningful conversation practice. Any EFL instructor…. is sure to find Roth’s latest work an invaluable resource.

-Carl W. Hart, EFL Instructor, Author of Secrets of Teaching ESL Grammar

“I have been using the Compelling Conversation Series for the last ten years in my college classes…. Most other ESL books are not geared towards relevant conversations that encourage students to talk. Our students love the series to the point that the conversations spill over into their breaks and lunchtime.

-Mark Treston, Director, Global Innovation Schools and Global Innovation School Online

 “A valuable edition to the English classroom. This book encourages students to search and find authentic English material – an invaluable method to get students discovering new and interesting material they may have otherwise missed…. Empowering students to discuss topics and points they themselves find interesting is a sure fire way to improve recall.”

-Ben Worthington,

 “Compelling Conversations is the first book I turn to when teaching an advanced level ESL class. It has become integral to my lesson planning as a way to foster meaningful conversations and improve my student’s vocabulary. The proverbs and quotes included with each lesson let every student think critically and I’ve heard some amazing insights coming from all types of students.”

-David Stevens, Director of The Language School


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