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Eric headEric H. Roth

Co-author of Compelling Conversations: Questions and Quotations on Timeless Topics, Compelling Conversations: Questions and Quotations for Advanced Vietnamese English Language Learners, and Compelling American Conversations: Questions and Quotations for Intermediate American English Language Learners.

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Toni headToni Aberson

Co-author of the Compelling Conversations series and author of  It’s A Breeze: Lively English Lessons on American Idioms .

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Hal headHal Bogotch

Co-author and editor of Compelling American Conversations, the first widely published book to carry his name.

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Dennis HackinDennis Hackin

Author of several titles for Chimayo Press: Android Roy, Star Boy, The Captain’s Widow, and the ebook of Bronco Billy.

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Shiggy headShigemitsu “Shiggy” Ichinomiya

Co-author of Compelling Conversations: Speaking Activities to Create More Confident Intermediate Japanese English Language Learners, which combines his love of Japan, English teaching, and good conversation, and photography.

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Janet Levine

In addition to consulting for a wide variety of nonprofit and educational organizations, Levine regularly teaches courses in non-profit management, fundraising and grant development, both face-to-face and online.

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teresa-headshot-150Teresa Xuan Nguyen

Teresa brings distinct experience to this authoritative text for Vietnamese learners wishing to improve their English oral skills.

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hank_rosenfeld_300Hank Rosenfeld

Hank is a folk journalist, public radio commentator, and co-author of Wicked Wit of the West: The Last Great Golden Age Screenwriter Shares the Hilarity and Heartaches of Working With Groucho, Garland, Gleason, Burns, Berle, Benny, and many more. His first Chimayo press book will be Tell Me More: Conversation Moves for the Bold, the Shy, and the Confused.

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laurie bioLaurie Selik

Laurie is the co-publisher at Chimayo Press. She holds a master of professional writing degree from the University of Southern California and a bachelor of arts degree in communications from Michigan State University.

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mark_treston_300Mark Treston

Mark is a multilingual, world traveler who has taught in several countries and author of two historical novels. Creating a Quality English Language School: Insights from the Classrooms, Owners, and Regulators will be his first Chimayo Press book.


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Brent Warner

Brent Warner

Editor of Compelling Conversations: Speaking Activities to Create More Confident Intermediate Japanese English Language.

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Harlene Goodrich

Harlene Goodrich

Playwright, poet and author of Caroline and the Cooking Fairy.
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