Compelling Conversations Vietnam bilingual supplement comes to Amazon Kindle!

November 2, 2017


Learn, work and dream in English!

We are proud to release Compelling Conversations – Vietnam: Supplementary Bilingual English-Vietnamese Conversation Questions for Vietnamese Learners of English. A bilingual companion to last year’s second edition of Compelling Conversations – Vietnamthis book provides new context and easier access to conversational English for Vietnamese learners.

Intended for American immigrants and intermediate Vietnamese ESL students, these 420 conversation questions help learners share personal experiences and express opinions – in English.

Learn through translation with focused, thematic questions

Inspired by her long-time stateside relatives –  who are still most comfortable speaking in their native tongue – co-author Teresa Nguyen strengthens English fluency through association in this complementary course book. The first set of 15 questions (Sharing Experiences) introduces each topic, asking short, clear questions. Afterwards, another set (The Conversation Continues) follows up with more in-depth conversation topics. All are open-ended to encourage reflection and in-class discussion.

Native English speakers learning Vietnamese may also find this supplemental material useful; travelers, entrepreneurs, and professionals alike can ask questions and create closer relationships in both languages. Simply asking “how do you say” goes a long way!

Get your copy today!

Supplementary Bilingual English-Vietnamese Conversation Questions is available now as an ebook through Amazon Kindle.

For additional bilingual conversation materials and study aids, also check out Teresa’s ESL Garage channel on YouTube. Here’s one of our favorite videos!

Furthermore, we are currently looking for a dedicated, market-savvy co-publisher in Vietnam to expand our reach and create even more compelling conversations. Please refer all interest/inquiries to Eric Roth at or 1-855-ESL-Book (310-390-0131 outside the U.S. and Canada).

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