ISBN-10: 0446922269
ISBN-13: 978-0446922265

Bronco Billy

Based on the 1980 motion picture directed by and starring Clint Eastwood, Bronco Billy is an ace sharpshooter and head of Bronco Billy’s Wild West Show, a down-at-the-heel traveling circus. Life’s been hard for Billy and his ragtag troupe. But their luck might change – in the unlikely person of a highfalutin society dame.

Chimayo Press published the eBook version of Dennis Hackin’s novel. Hackin also produced the film.

One reviewer writes: “This slim book celebrates American individualism, personal redemption, and the American West. Written during the dismal days of economic pressure back in 1979, this book speaks to me today as millions of Americans seek to re-invent themselves and help rebuild the United States. Celebrating American western myths and confronting harsh economic realities, Bronco Billy finds a way to charm and cajole an odd collection of misfits into creating a traveling Western cowboy show – and become who they really want to be. For Americans who have considered plans b,c, and d, this novel whispers possibilities even greater than imagined. Read this tale of redemption and creation!”

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fiction star boy


Star Boy

Part fable, part historical novel, two young Jewish brothers are trapped in Nazi Germany. With their personal superhero – Star Boy – on their side, they face every struggle to evade the Hitler Youth and Nazi Germany’s death camps.

One reviewer writes: “A truly unique and multilayered work of unparalleled imagination. A fable…featuring Nazis, Hitler youth and death camps, starring two young Jewish boys inspired by a singular superhero of myriad dimensions and esoteric powers. Star children, Swastika Boy, Hieronymus Bosch, battleship balloons, Blue Bedouins, Dead Goat Mummies, Stormy the Abominable Snowman and so much, much more…whew! A wild, unpredictable ride with a deeply poignant shadow story that haunts every passage and powers its stunning conclusion. Yet, at times, eccentrically hilarious. Go figure. But somehow it all comes together.”

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ISBN-10: 0984798560
ISBN-13: 978-0984798568

Android Roy

A futuristic novel by Dennis Hackin featuring Android Roy, the first android homicide detective at the PKD. Android Roy must track down a Paranoid Android who is scalping and skinning humans and selling the scalps and skins to androids. In this sci-fi world, androids wish to look human in order to integrate into a society that discriminates against androids.

One reviewer writes: “A world… beyond dystopian, anything but utopian, utterly unlike any other, real or imagined. Dennis Hackin creates a thoroughly singular universe of oddball scientists, inverted social orders, bizarre behaviorisms and naively yet achingly empathetic artificially intelligent beings. Echoes of Huxley, Orwell, Asimov reverberate thruout but perhaps most akin is Anthony Burgess and CLOCKWORK ORANGE. Not so much in the vividly garish, violent vision of the near future but in the detailed formulation of a society and time with not only its own social hierarchy, mores, prejudices, etc. but also with its own totally original professions, recreations, even its own language.'”

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Caroline and the Cooking Fairy

fiction caroline and the cooking fairy

ISBN-10: 0972150501
ISBN-13: 978-0972150507

Harlene Goodrich wrote Caroline and the Cooking Fairy for her granddaughter, Caroline.  While on a trip to Colonial Williamsburg, Goodrich bought her granddaughter a large wooden cooking spoon. Caroline loved to mix up sweet things with the spoon whenever Grammy came to visit.  When Halloween came along Caroline asked Grammy if she would make her a cooking fairy costume to go with the spoon.  Goodrich had no idea what a cooking fairy looked like, so Caroline drew a picture of the fairy for her to copy. 

Goodrich was then inspired to write a story for her granddaughter incorporating the cooking fairy and her spoon.  On the front cover of the book is Caroline’s original drawing of a cooking fairy.  On the back cover is a photograph of Caroline in costume, wooden spoon held aloft like a magic wand.

After writing the book, Goodrich asked her childhood friend, Sally Wilkerson, to illustrate it.  Being that the original Caroline lived 400 miles away, Wilkerson used her own granddaughter, Jaymie, as the model for Caroline in the illustrations.  The book is dedicated to both granddaughters.

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