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What are your core beliefs? More importantly, what are your students’ core beliefs? How can you help English language learners improve their listening skills while exploring their own personal philosophy? Do you use radio podcasts in your English classrooms or ask students to write personal essays? If so, you might want to visit for excellent, fascinating authentic listening materials.

This I Believe, originally a radio program hosted by legendary American journalist Edward R. Murrow, has been resurrected by National Public Radio. Here is a sample podcast and personal essay by Jim Haynes that should appeal to ESL teachers, EFL tutors, and English students everywhere called “Inviting the World to Dinner”.

The “This I Believe” website includes a tremendous amount of free resources for teachers and students. Naturally, I also have a simple reproducible worksheet that allows students to find, summarize, and share their own favorite podcasts. Students can choose between thousands of essays and hundreds of podcasts on dozens of themes. In my oral skills class, students will present their own “This I Believe” presentation for the final assignment. Consider me curious about what they will choose to share.

English teachers can sign up for the free mailing list and download an exceptional discussion guide at the website. Check it out if you are looking for quality, reflective materials to enliven your ESL classes. Feel free, as usual, to use the worksheet below for your English classes. I’ve found this reflective exercise builds class rapport, develops speaking skills, and earns high marks from students.

This I Believe Homework Worksheet

Links: This I Believe –

Please select one radio segment, based on a personal essay, and read by writers. Find a story that resonates with you. Listen carefully. Take notes. Fill out the worksheet below. You will be asked to share your selection with classmates in both a small group and the entire class.

This I Believe Title:

Who is the author?

What’s the main idea?

Why did you choose this podcast?

Did you hear any new words or phrases?

Who do you imagine is the audience for this podcast? Why?

What is your reaction? Why?


You can also download a PDF of this worksheet from  along with other free worksheets for advanced ESL and EFL speaking skills classes. Enjoy!

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