CATESOL Accepts ESL Teacher-Author’s Panel; I Will Give Two CATESOL Presentations

When it rains, it pours. So goes the classic proverb.

This week has been quite rainy and cold in Los Angeles, but I’m feeling warm inside. Why? CATESOL 2010 state conference has accepted a second proposal where I will be one of the presenters. CATESOL, the California Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, state convention will include a panel on ESL teachers who have published their own books.

Elizabeth Weal, an excellent adult ESL teacher and author of English Grammar: Step by Step, organized the small CATESOL panel to share our independent publishing experiences. Elizabeth, who has published four outstanding grammar books for Spanish speakers learning English with little formal education, recognized the need for ESL teachers to learn from each other and find new audiences for effective classroom and tutoring materials.

“There are millions of Spanish-speakers in the US who are eager to learn English,” notes Elizabeth. “And, I’ve found, there are almost as many Americans who are eager to help Spanish-speakers master the English language. I’ve written these books for people who aren’t necessarily teachers but who want to help a Spanish-speaker move forward in their study of English.” Visit

Diane Asitimbay, the author of What’s Up, America? , a witty guide to American culture for international students and new immigrants, will also join the panel. Diane, who publishes a monthly newsletter called culture link, has appeared on many television stations to comment on intercultural communication skills. Visit to learn more about Diane’s books and cultural projects.

And I’m the third panelist. While I don’t have my presentation completely planned out, I will emphasize the many unexpected pleasures of publishing even a small niche ESL book. For instance, I have become more than virtual friends with fellow English teachers across the globe and learned a tremendous amount about the astonishingly diverse circumstances where English is taught.

So let the rain keep pouring in Los Angeles. This has been quite a week for me as an ESL professional with two CATESOL proposal accepted and a Facebook page under construction. Consider my California teaching soul satisfied!

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  1. Hey Eric:

    That is terrific news! A presentation and panel discussion! I just wish I lived a little closer to California so I could attend the conference.

  2. Hall – Your excellent book Provoking Though: Memory and Thinking in ELT would be an excellent addition. I too wish that you lived closer, and we could talk more in person.

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