About Chimayo Press

Chimayo Press is an independent educational publishing company committed to publishing niche books that create compelling conversations, deepen relationships and celebrate the human spirit. We launched in 2005 with one advanced level English as a Second Language (ESL) title – Compelling Conversations: Questions and Quotations on Timeless Topics – from authors Eric H. Roth and Toni Aberson.  This fluency-focused textbook has blossomed into series meeting the varying needs of English language learners and their teachers in over 50 countries.

We’ve recently released two new additions to the Compelling Conversations series: a second edition of Compelling Conversations – Vietnam, and Compelling Conversations for Fundraisers, the first in a planned sub-series of books tailored for the workplace. Other titles in development for 2017 include a special 10th anniversary release of the original Compelling Conversations, as well as series entries geared specifically toward international high school, university and graduate students. Compelling Conversations – Brazil and Compelling Conversations for Call Center Professionals are also planned for future release. See our FAQ Page About the Compelling Conversations series here.

Along the way, we’ve also met exceptional authors.  In 2011, Chimayo Press expanded to include works of fiction and is the exclusive publisher of Star Boy and Bronco Billy (eBook) by writer/producer Dennis E. Hackin. In 2014, Hackin published Android Roy, a futuristic novel featuring the world’s first android homicide detective.

Chimayo Press is named for our amazingly communicative, talented and loving first border collie.  We met him soon after a visit to the inspirational New Mexico town.  That’s Chimayo’s image in our logo.