Spring ESL: “One Stop Connection to ESL, EFL, ELD, ELT, and ESOL instructional materials”

Book center hosts a wealth of ELL materials

“Spring Book Center strives in three basic principles: Service, Responsibility and Lower Prices.”

-Spring ESL

We live in a Golden Age for teaching English. We can find resources from around the globe to fit the needs of the language learners in our classrooms. Yet this overwhelming plethora of choices can cause headaches. Where do you go to find carefully selected, learner-focused ESL EFL and other ELL textbooks and resources?

Spring ESL remains a personal favorite. Luis Coloma, curator and owner of this valuable “one stop connection” has created a curated, selective catalog of valuable materials for English teachers. His eclectic catalog and website features titles by English educators with special sensitivity for the needs of native Spanish speakers, adult immigrants and independent learners. The catalog also carries the leading titles for ESL instructors, tutors and their students.

The colorful yet simple site is easy to navigate through, providing an easy way to find appropriate materials for English language learners and English teachers. Spring ESL offers free shipping on orders over $100 and a 30 percent discount on items of the month. Another nice attribute? Whenever possible, the company uses recycled paper materials, and only distributes paper catalogs upon request.

Naturally, I’m also pleased to note that Compelling Conversations and Compelling American Conversations has been sold through Spring ESL to many teachers in California and Texas for several years. I look forward to seeing Luis at CATESOL State Conference on Oct. 23-26 in Santa Clara, and browsing through his latest discoveries.

Where do you find your curated, quality ESL resources?

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