Practice Might not Make Perfect, but it Does Help ESL Students in Job Interviews

More Practical Job Interview Tips for ESL Students, Teachers from Q Blog

During these difficult economic times, English teachers should take every possible opportunity to focus on job interview skills. As blog readers know, I’m a big fan of both videotaping practice interviews and having ESL/EFL students conduct research for possible jobs with information interviews.

The Q group, an ambitious online educational company, has a variety of solid resources for ESL students. Here is an excellent, concise list of simple practical steps for English language learners to take when preparing for a job interview – and a few post-interview suggestions worth noting. The fine article comes from the Q Blog for English language learners. It’s a fine resource. Check it out.

Official Q Blog: How to Succeed in an Interview

As I said before, practice might not lead to perfection, but it certainly leads to improvement for ESL students in job interviews.

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