Now available: Listen to Compelling Conversations Vietnam on ESL Garage!

Now available: Listen to Compelling Conversations Vietnam on ESL Garage!

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“One of the secrets to life is to make stepping stones out of stumbling blocks.”

—Jack Penn (1909-1996), South African plastic surgeon, sculptor and author

Teachers of Vietnamese English language learners: have you tried using Compelling Conversations – Vietnam with your English classes? Are you a fan of co-author Teresa Nguyen’s ESL Garage channel on YouTube? If you answered yes to the above, we have some exciting news for you and your students!

An Audio Companion to Compelling Conversations Vietnam!

Beginning in early May, ESL Garage also features bilingual audio tapes of select exercises from each chapter of Compelling Conversations Vietnam. Read by Teresa Nguyen herself, each short reading guides students through the “Sharing Experiences” and “The Conversation Continues” textbook activities. Following the English readings of each question, students then infer context from their native language and ultimately engage in the partner discussions more confidently with increased understanding. View the full YouTube playlist below!

Are you already subscribed? Would you recommend ESL Garage to your peers? Which series on the channel have you found the most helpful in the classroom? Let us know!

Click here for sample content from Compelling Conversations Vietnam, or here to purchase a copy of your own on Amazon!

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About the Author

Eric H. Roth teaches international graduate students the pleasures and perils of academic writing and public speaking in English at the University of Southern California (USC). He also consults English language schools on communicative methods to effectively teach English.Roth co-authored Compelling Conversations: Questions and Quotations on Timeless Topics in 2006 to help English language learners increase their English fluency. Recommended by English Teaching Professional magazine, the advanced ESL textbook has been used in over 50 countries in English classrooms and conversation clubs. Easy English Times, an adult literacy newspaper, has published a monthly column, “Instant Conversation Activities,” based on the book since 2008. The first specific version for a particular country, Vietnam, was published in 2011. Compelling American Conversations came out in 2012, and Compelling Conversations – Japan arrived in 2015. Eric enjoys sharing reflections, resources, and teaching tips on this #ESL #EFL #ELT blog.

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