Infinite English App supplements ESL speaking, listening skills

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Using Infinite English to practice reading text, passages aloud

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”

-Aristotle (384 B.C.E.-322 C.E.) Greek philosopher

Do your students use phone apps to learn English? For those looking to sharpen their speaking, pronunciation and listening skills, Infinite English from Vocefy Inc. could be a viable option. As demoed by this YouTube video, the app takes in any block of words–from a text, document or online article–and allows students to practice with it. They can record themselves reading it and get instant feedback; words they pronounce incorrectly will pop up in red and words that could be better pronounced come up in yellow. Afterward, they can listen to their recording and then have Vocey, the app’s “tutor,” read the passage. The app can also translate the text and define words within the text, making it accessible to 64 different types of native speakers.

In its introductory video, Infinite English emphasizes that Vocey’s effective tutoring capabilities. Additionally, the video highlights the fact that users will not feel embarrassed to get feedback from this virtual entity. Though Vocey should not replace human resources like teachers, tutors or even classmates, she could help beginning English learners ease into speaking and listening. Vocey’s feedback may be accurate and instantaneous, but it lacks real human response that is crucial for students to learn from, in order to become better conversationalists.

Infinite English sells for $9.99 in the iTunes Store, a bit pricey on the app side, but perhaps a sound investment if students improve their English speaking and listening abilities. It’s also worth nothing that students can use the app “infinitely,” because any chunk of text can be copied and pasted and processed by Vocey. For students that are new learners, shy or on-the-go, Infinite English could supplement their learning.

What other apps do your students use to learn English?

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