Conversation Tip #10: Know when to wrap-up

Ending conversations and looking forward to new ones!

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“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

-Walt Disney (1901-1966) American business magnate, animator, producer
Every conversation, no matter how enjoyable, must come to an end for practical reasons. Life moves on and certain discussion topics are exhausted. Yet sometimes, it’s difficult to know when and how to wrap-up a conversation.

Students must understand the importance of contextual clues. When conversation partners constantly check the time, tap impatiently or display preoccupation, it’s a good time to ask what’s on their mind or if they need somewhere to be. Sometimes people will continue on conversations, out of politeness, when they’re already late to their next appointment!

It’s also worth noting that sometimes, there is simply nothing left to say. When the same sentences are repeated or people aren’t comfortable going into more detail, it is time to move onto a new subject. For instance, the question “What did you do this weekend?” can only generate so many stories and comments. After a while, it may be best to move onto something more interesting.

Ending conversations should be viewed positively! It opens up the opportunity for future engagements and keeps the subjects fresh.

Do your students know when to wrap-up conversations?

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Jessica Lu, a first-year student at the University of Chicago, interned for Chimayo Press and the Compelling Conversations blog through the summer of 2014. Over the months, she has perused ESL textbooks, analyzed newspaper articles and tested out mobile apps, seeking out ways to inspire discussion. Each week the Compelling Conversations blog will publish one of her top 10 tips to create compelling conversations outside of the English classroom.

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