Conversation Starter #10 – Can you recommend a good book?

Converse with a teacher, student or stranger about books

“No two persons ever read the same book.”

-Edmund Wilson (1895-1972) American writer
Books and literature still matter in our 21st century global culture of blogs, especially for starting conversations. In the past few days, I have had three engaging, satisfying conversations with strangers about books. How?

  • Is that a good book?
  • What is on your summer reading list?
  • Can you recommend a good book?
  • What’s the best book you’ve read this year?

Once I broke the ice standing in line, the conversation just flowed. I asked a few questions, shared a few reading suggestions, and enjoyed what had been “dead” time waiting to mail books to customers.

English language learners can develop and deepen their conversation skills with classroom practice. As English students practice more, they also develop the confidence to start conversations with co-workers, fellow English students, fellow bus passengers, or strangers in line. Conversation skills can be practiced almost anywhere, but our English classrooms provide a safe, tolerant, and natural environment to develop and deepen speaking skills.

Talking about books is fun, provides information, and helps keep our literary traditions alive. Start a book conversation today!

P.S. Ray Bradbury’s novel, Green Shadows, White Whale is on my summer reading list.

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