Chimayo Press presents Android Roy by Dennis Hackin

Chimayo Press, publisher of Compelling Conversations books, branches out to sci-fi

“What is consciousness? What is all this? Why do I think? And then you look at computers and computers think–are we programming the computers or are they programming us?”

-Dennis Hackin

Hackin poses these philosophical questions in describing his inspiration behind his latest novel, Android Roy, a Chimayo Press book released earlier this summer. Hackin intertwines his love of writing and science to find some answers. He explores through the unconventional, thought-provoking sequence of events surrounding protagonist Android Roy.

Android Roy, as the first Android homicide detective, seeks justice in his technology-run, dystopian world. He aims to track down the Paranoid Android, a villain who skins the superior humans to allow the inferior Androids to disguise themselves with the harvested scalps. Yet Android Roy reaches beyond a murder mystery–it also explores the complex relationship between Androids, humans and God, and the meaning of love and morality.

The Compelling Conversations series perhaps remain Chimayo Press’ most well-known product, but this niche publishing company carries several genres outside the ESL realm as well. Consider ourselves excited over this most recent release.

Though the unconventional formatting and advanced reading level may not fit in an ESL classroom setting, Android Roy does offer important topics for discussion. Is technology too prominent in our lives? What will the relationship be between androids and humans in the future? Where do we come from?

Read the Q&A with Hackin here, hosted on Chimayo Press’s website.

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