Brent Warner

Brent Warner is the founder and CEO of Social Light Online, a social media management and consulting agency which focuses on educational institutions and technology. Brent has been a pioneer online, sustaining himself through college as the publisher of a massive online e-zine (this was back before websites were dynamic). He hand-coded travel journals for bands like Death Cab for Cutie (back before there were blogging platforms). He also had a pretty good stint as a popular food blogger in Japan.

Brent has spent his adult life in education, meeting people from around the world and learning what makes them tick. He has traveled to over two dozen countries, became fluent in Japanese, and learned a thing or two about life along the way. Brent realizes that companies are nothing without the people behind them. With his keen observation skills, his online savvy and his passion for teaching, Brent decided to combine these skills to help people learn how to navigate the tricky waters of the web. Finally, Brent is the author of the EFL ebook, How to Pass the TOEFLibt Test?