Compelling Conversations for Fundraisers is out!

June 20, 2016

Chimayo Press releases Compelling Conversations for Fundraisers to help nonprofits increase their fundraising success through the art of conversation.

How does a one-person development office raise sufficient funds for a vital non-profit? Which conversations should fundraising professionals focus on to deepen relationships and strengthen institutions? What ingredients and values matter most in creating compelling conversations?

Compelling Conversations for Fundraisers: Talk Your Way To Success with Donors and Funders (ISBN: 978-0-990498803) reviews the many subtle verbal skills needed for successful fundraising: where to start the conversation, how to deepen connections to donors, the importance of listening and learning donors’ values.  Written for novices, seasoned professionals, board members and volunteers, this 2016 smart resource walks fundraisers through conversation strategies that help build authentic, values-based donor relationships. Chimayo Press releases Compelling Conversations for Fundraisers on June 20.

Compelling Conversations for Fundraisers’ eight chapters emphasize a values-based approach as the key to successful one-on-one donor interactions. The authors address the strategic shifts needed in conversations across all stages of fundraising, while suggesting approaches to integrated asks about planned gifts, endowments, bequests and foundation grants. Conversation guides include:

  • How to turn a social conversation to one about a group’s mission
  • Refreshing and deepening conversations with donors
  • Creating more a more positive fundraising experience for donors and staff

Written by two fundraising professionals with successful histories in development offices, Compelling Conversations for Fundraisers (Chimayo Press, 2016) is the culmination of years of first-hand experience and many capital campaigns. Janet Levine, principle of Janet Levine Consulting (, has worked in the nonprofit and educational sectors since 1988 and regularly teaches and facilitates fundraising workshops. Co-author, Laurie A. Selik, began her nonprofit career in 1999 and focuses primarily in public media and art education sectors. Their candid, real-life tales of successful (and not-so-successful) donor interactions provide a helpful list of “dos and don’ts” for fundraisers.

Compelling Conversations for Fundraisers has gained an enthusiastic response from the philanthropic community. Natalie Rodriguez, director of the College Excellence Program at The Aspen Institute, writes: Compelling Conversations for Fundraisers reminds us that human interests drive philanthropy and encourages fundraisers to weave authenticity through their conversations.”

Branded by Debbie A. Cannon of the Academy for Grassroots Organizations as “a refreshing and profound tool,” Compelling Conversations for Fundraisers, she notes, “reminds us skills such as listening, being direct and simply having a conversation about our shared passions touches our basic need to be heard and make the connection with other like-minded people.”

Meanwhile Gregory Bradbard, President & CEO of Inland Empire United Way, praises the authors’ candor, observing that “Janet and Laurie take the mystery out of asking for money by breaking conversation down to a very easy-to-understand and applicable level.”

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